• Why trust OOOGLO essential oils?

Trust is always the foundation of a product and we will never compromise on the product we provide. We have amazing aromatic products with multiple benefits that will favour you.

  • Why pick your product when I have many options?

The options don’t matter when quality stands best. OOOGLO products are very safe and valued. The unique feature that we provide is use and purchase, if you like the aroma and feel that it is worth a try, you can go on with the choice.

  • Where does this awesome beauty come from?

It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil. The amounts of application don’t decide the change in the skin rather the quality of oil determines it.

  • Is it 100% organic?

OOOGLO concentrates on providing completely natural essential oils to you. Organic extracts of plants are used in our product. No additions or chemicals added in the manufacturing of our essential oils.

  • How to recover from the side effects, if any?

Side-effects vary from person to person, it may be asthma attacks for people who have problems related to lungs or burning sensation for those who have a very sensitive or soft texture for the skin. In this way, there are some effects but read well about the essential oil you want and the skin type it suits before use. If you have any skin problems related to the application of oil, avoid the usage of essential oils, and observe your skin or consult a dermatologist skin immediately.

  • I love aromas but are they safe?

Aromatherapy is a proven way to cure diseases and relieve stress. Our products are best to use as they are therapeutically proven. We care for the consumers and thus provide safe products to stay healthy and happy. The safety measures will be provided in a manual along with the product.

  • How is OOOGLO’s essential oil quality determined?

To determine the quality of OOOGLO essential oils we perform Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS) tests. We are very serious while handling purity and quality tests and thus we also test if the essential oil contains pesticide presence or not. Along with the plant extracts, there is a chance of pesticide presence which is checked through the means of the above-mentioned test.

  • How to feel confident to move out without the fear of pimples?

Acne is the most common problem found in youth, due to hormonal changes and skin oiliness. To make yourself free from this problem, try using OOOOGLOs Tea tree essential oils. Terpinen-4-ol is a compound found in tea tree oil that is found effective in reducing pimples.

  • Can OOGLO oils be only applied topically?

The topical application of essential oils is usually done for either beautifying skin tone or as a remedy for pain. In aromatherapy, one can inhale the smell of essential oils to enhance the limbic system in the brain. OOOGLO oils will be effective in any way of use.

  • How do OOOGLO oils power up my skin?

Essential oils have various compounds that facilitate improving skin conditions. We should prefer using essential oils, as its penetration level into the body and action on cells are much faster while compared to body lotions and creams. When you apply the oils after heating, it takes quick action on the skin. 

  • What should I observe while using essential oil for the first time?

The first thing to do is to check the smell and identify if it doesn't make you feel giddy or agitated. Thereafter, apply it and observe the skin for the first few days to know the changes. You will start to notice changes after regular observation either it can be a positive effect or a negative effect.

  • Are OOOGLO products prepared without disturbing the animal life?

We do not promote cruelty towards animals and thus our product is animal friendly as well as avoid harming them.

  • Will the essential oil pollute the environment?

No. Essential oils are extracted from nature and organically prepared so it doesn't pollute the environment. Our OOOGLO oils from nature will never return harm to the earth.

  • Are OOGLO essential oils synthetic?  

No. OOOGLO doesn't support synthetic and artificial production of products. The synthetic mixture can causes a lot of health-related problems so we don’t give our people any synthetic output.

  • Can we use it as a moisturizer?

Yes. Oils are usually considered to make your face oily and moisturize it so that it doesn't break or form skin problems. OOOGLO produces Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, etc which are among the best moisturizing essential oils.

  • Why use essential oils on the skin?

Essential oils are the natural way to protect your skin. Essential oils have many uses so by applying them to the skin you can avoid skin problems and keep your skin healthy. The compounds in each oil differ and work on various problems like removal of dark spots, protection from UV rays, reduces hyperpigmentation, etc.  

  • Is OOOGLO essential oils for a bath, path to health?

Yes, it's the best way to make a fresh start to your day. While bathing with essential oils, it can make your muscles relaxed and the complete body starts to feel fresh. The best oil choices for bathing are Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Citrus oils like lemon-orange, etc.

  • How to know what suits my skin?

The choice of essential oils depends upon the purpose you need and based on skin texture. After observing your skin, according to its oiliness and dryness, decide the essential oil. You can refer to blogs or books related to skincare to find out the essential oil uses. 

For Dry Skin- you can use Frankincense, Hemp seed, Ylang Ylang, or Tea tree essential oils.

For Oily Skin- Rosemary, Tea tree, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang essential oil can be used. 

For Sensitive Skin- users can use Frankincense oils. Frankincense oils are best suitable for almost all skin types.

  • What ingredients do OOOGLO take?

Oooglo products are 100% pure essential oils which means their complete content is of plant extract. For example, in Frankincense oil, our main and only ingredient will be Frankincense which is the dried sap or hardened resin of trees from Boswelia trees obtained through the steam distillation method. So through the same process, the extracts are made into essential oils and they entirely consist of plant compounds.

  • I have a very busy schedule of work, how can I provide skincare through OOOGLO essential oils?

At first, clean your face and select an essential oil that suits your skin which won’t cause burns and that will serve your purpose. The oils like tea tree and Ylang-Ylang will soothe your mind and relax your body after your busy day along with clean and smooth skin. If you apply avocado oil, before you go out it can protect your skin from UV rays. Oil needs to be applied as per the needs of the person and skin.

  • How to determine my skin type?

Observation is the main step to identify your skin type. Dry skin can be noticed through rashes and cracks. Oily skin leaves a watery effect or sweat effect on your face.