Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil
Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil
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Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil

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Oooglo's “Virgin Coconut Oil” is so pure and natural that you can eat it, drink it and drench in it. We made the oil with the utmost care by cold pressing fresh coconuts kernel within two hours of breaking the coconut to extract 100% concentration to retain all its nutrients. The oil is unrefined, unbleached and we do not add any kinds of mineral oils. 


  1. Makes your face, skin & body soft, nourished, even-toned, and moisturized 
  2. Makes your hair conditioned and manageable 
  3. Makes your lips soft and young 
  4. Makes your teeth & gums disease-free and many more 

Steps to use it 

  1. As a Moisturizer - Apply evenly all over your body and massage gently.  
  2. As a Lip Balm – By applying the oil directly to your lips at night." "As a Lip Scrub - By freshly mixing equal quantities of oil with sugar.   
  3. As a Hair Oil, Cooking Oil and many more... 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
shirin atey
purest organic virgin coco oil

Affordable multipurpose virgin coconut oil in the market.

Disha sharma

very good product and worth buying but received it late cz of overdemand!!!

Jasprit Kaur
star product, super satisfied

This product is an all-rounder... Have been using it on my face as a moisturizer and have got amazing results. My skin feels clearer than before. Can be used as a substitute for those artificial makeup removers also. When I used it for cooking, the resulting taste was pleasantly different. Very very happy with the oil and happy to order it again and again.

Naina Agarwal
Affordable oil for oil pulling

I do oil pulling every single day and virgin coco oil which is organically certified is very costly .this is affordable pure organic virgin coco oil I came across.

multipurpose virgin coconut oil

This is the best coconut oil I have used and it is not expensive at all. All other brands deliver the same quality but triple the price. I use it on my hair, body, face. The quality is superb. I even froze and tasted it to check the authenticity. It is 100% pure. Gonna buy this soon as my bottle is almost finished.