Hair Growth Oil

Hair Growth Oil

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Oooglo hair growth oil strengthens your hair stem cells and maintains hair growth. The ayurvedic ingredients included in the oil make it completely herbal and effective. These potent herbs make the hair grow dense and strong.


COCONUT OIL- Coconut oil is known to nourish hair with essential fatty acids in a sufficient amount. The oil strengthens the roots of the hair and makes it grow thick and fast. It helps improve hair health and scalp dryness.

SESAME OIL- Sesame oil is rich in fatty acids like omega 3, which support hair growth. The oil moisturizes the scalp and improves blood circulation to hair follicles.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL- It has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that protect the scalp from dryness. The oil can stimulate the growth of hair from roots and condition hair.

AWALA- Awala or Indian gooseberry has abundant essential fatty acids that stimulate voluminous hair growth. It penetrates through hair follicles and functions to make hair thick and shiny.

 HIBISCUS- Hibiscus maintains scalp health promoted by herbal healers. It adds volume and thickens the hair strands, which portrays its strength. Hibiscus has multiple added benefits that will prevent hair from split ends, moisturizes hair, etc.

 FENUGREEK- Fenugreek seeds are a natural and herbal remedy to resolve a myriad of hair problems. The high protein and nicotinic acid content help treat several scalp issues, including recovery from baldness.

 BAHEDA- Baheda is one of the classical ayurvedic ingredients of Triphala with the qualities to alleviate several hair problems. It enhances hair strength and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles.

 SHATAVARI- Shatavari is an adaptogenic herb that balances mental and physical stress. The use of Shatavari in your oil will help reduce stress, which can reduce hair loss. It functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces the chance of skin irritations.

YASHTHI- The ayurvedic herb 'Yashthimadhu' encourages regrowth of hair and prevents scalp infections. It works best as an antibacterial agent and protects the scalp from irritations.

BANYAN TREE ROOTS- It is a hair growth stimulant that treats baldness, hair loss, and thinning. The roots of the banyan tree can regenerate new hair while maintaining its color and luster.


  • The hair growth oil protects your scalp and hair simultaneously.
  • Nourishes the hair roots and strengthens the hair follicles by preventing hair fall.
  • Reduces scalp itchiness or irritations and maintains hair growth.


  • Apply the oil to your hair at least twice a week.
  • Massage a small amount of oil on the scalp for improving blood circulation.
  • Through the bottle’s cap pores, drop the oil onto the scalp, and make it reach every part of your scalp.
  • Before washing it off, keep it applied for a minimum of 30 min.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
kia deshpande
hands down !!!!!! best oil

Got my first ever bottle through my salon in pune. Started using it bcz it looked really pretty with vetiver roots and olive green textured oil ,but its actually effecting my split ends and breakage of hair is reducing day by day.

Richa Panda

I have never been more confident in my hair game! A few years ago I noticed my hair thinning, I had tried super expensive products for years to make it grow back thicker but nothing would work! I saw an advertisement and I thought what if this doesn't work but I took a chance and purchased it and it actually works! It has boosted my self-confidence and I am so glad that I decided to try it! and Honestly, it is cost-efficient that's why I tried it.

Natasha Jambhulkar
I can smell all ingredients.

No chemicals, no artificial colors, fragrance just purity.

Amazing product

I really love long hair but I can't deal with hair fall and split end. Since 2020 I have bcz of lockdown, I couldn't get my hair cut now the problem is to taking care of it, I ordered it bcz of nice packing and hey it worked like wonder. My hair is split free, and shinny. Will keep long hair for at least 2-3 year now as I have oil who can keep them healthy.

it does what it says

The only problem I have is hair fall . I used all the hair fall control product from all the well-known brand to well-known doctors but accidentally stumble upon this oil and got lucky as I ordered before lockdown and during the lockdown, at home, I used this product every single day within a month my hair fall reduced significantly, no more hair on shoulder, pillow, bedsheet. I am going to continue using this oil for at least 6 months And update you again but so far really impressed with the result.