Jasmine and Patchouli soap

Jasmine and Patchouli soap

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Oooglo Jasmine and Patchouli’s luxurious soap nourishes your skin, together with the herbal value of jasmine and patchouli. The aroma of jasmine makes your bath delightful and relaxing while patchouli works on your skin problems. 




It is a medicinal flower with multiple medicinal properties benefitting health. The enriching aroma of jasmine enhance moods and also makes skin elastic. It moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores on the face.


The sweet, musky patchouli is a medicinal base for many skin oils and soaps. It improves mood, relieves anxiety, and treats skin conditions.


Aloe vera is a herbal doctor to treat problems like hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and burns. It is an all-rounder that can moisturize the skin and sort problems like acne.


It is a humectant with the capacity to keep skin humid without clogging the pores. A protector that prevents skin cells from getting damaged.


Coconut oil is known to heal wounds and fill the skin with natural oils in a sufficient amount. It is a benefactor with moisturizing and anti-inflammation properties to help the skin rejuvenate and remove skin dryness.



  •  The ingredients help reduce the wrinkles on the skin and will make you look young.
  • It heals and recovers the skin from cracks.
  • These are antibacterial agents that protect the skin from breakouts and blackheads.
  • It helps in moisturizing dry skin and prevents the cells from getting damaged from external exposure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natasha Jambhulkar
so pretty and refreshing

prettiest soap I ever saw and a refreshing fragrance. Making my skin soft ,I am going to switch from shower gel to oooglo soap now.

Hands down best product

Bought it because of its milky transparent texture, loved the smell. Tried once and now I use this soap only or else don't feel like showering.

Amazing result

this soap helped me keep my body clean and nourished with the heavenly smell of jasmine.

Atul Garg
Heavenly fragrance

I am using this product since last 2 week ,my skin is getting better now.
Helping me reducing rough patches on skin.
Thanks oooglo.