Oudhwood Soap

Oudhwood Soap

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Oooglo Oudhwood luxurious soaps with the ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine has blended a perfect soap to scent and smoothen your skin.

The aroma and herbal properties of Oudhwood soap will make your bath refreshing and relaxing.   




Oudhwood ‘The perfume of Thousand and One Nights’ is well known for its rich and woody aroma. Besides the scent, the anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties protect the skin from acne and hydrate it.


Aloe vera is a herbal doctor to treat problems like hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and burns. It is an all-rounder that can moisturize the skin and sort problems like acne.


It is a humectant with the capacity to keep skin humid without clogging the pores. A protector that prevents skin cells from getting damaged.


Coconut oil is known to heal wounds and fill the skin with natural oils in a sufficient amount. It is a benefactor with moisturizing and anti-inflammation properties to help the skin rejuvenate and remove skin dryness.


  • It can humidify and moisturize your skin without making it look oily.
  • In Oudhwood, the presence of potential antioxidants allays aging and diminishes the visibility of wrinkles on the skin.
  • It cleanses the skin and leaves the scent of Oudhwood on your skin. 
  • The use of Oudhwood on your skin can minimize the sagging and stretchmark of your skin.
  • It has excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that control acne and pimples by combating infection.
  • It helps you regain youthful and elastic skin by producing collagen.
  • The properties of Oudhwood protects the skin layers from harmful UV rays.

Customer Reviews

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Samrat gupta
Loved it

I like my soap to have a heavenly fragrance and texture.It got both so I give it a shot and I'm more than happy.